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We are a family oriented business that would like to bring some of the benefits of playing sports to all youth and adult sports fans. Since 1967, our family members have been great supporters of keeping active through the benefits of physical activity no matter what sport it is. The Ramos family name has been in the Sacramento soccer community ever since involved in the Central California Soccer League as players. We are proud and thankful to all our customers that have supported our business over the years, we have become a family of friends.  The idea of naming our business Estadio Azteca Arena came from Mexico’s largest sport stadium in Mexico, made sense to us. We are sports fans to and we would like you to visit our arena where we host leagues like Semi-Pro, Culinary, COED, adult, youth leagues and a different event each month like Banda’s, comedians, Lucha Libre


We have a community commitment to do as much as we can to support other organizations to achieve their goals especially when it involves our young community. For example, we have donated our facility to non-profit organizations to collect funds to keep their programs for kids alive.


Some are (including other organizations):

  • Northern California Junior Golden Gloves Championship Tournament

  • Festival del Nino (Children’s Festival)

  • Instituto Mazatlan Bellas Artes Christmas Community Events

  • California Cougars Professional Indoor Soccer Team


We are different because we do business the old fashion way, your satisfaction comes first, on and off the field. Our vision was set once we decided to get involved in this business. It needs players to form teams; teams to form leagues and players who form the teams. We Thank you for making Estadio Azteca Arena your home for all of your birthdays parties needs, league games and private rentals, the Ramos Family.

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